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BLOG 001 - Seeking: The Intro

SEEKING: is where we will break down the messages we've first received from the heavenly signal, interpreted & understood, and then encoded and embedded within each design! 

So please allow us to take you on an in depth journey into the realm of our dreams & desires, passing through the design process all the way to the point of delivery! And we pray that this helps you find some inspiration, encouragement and light for your path!

Just like one of our favourite movies of all time, we love hiding secret things filled with meaning within plain sight. Each creation of ours is like a wearable cross-word puzzle for anyone to solve, hopefully serving as reminders that we have been so loved...

"Oh... even the crumbs would do..."

Everyone starts off their journey on this side of heaven with a sense of child-like, wide-eyed wonder. Venturing into the great unknown of the future, armed only with curiosity.

But walking wisely in this fallen world is not so simple.

Many things (many times) are much more than meet the eye. And before we are even aware that our feet have failed us... we are drowning in a sea of doubts & moral ambiguity, stuck in the snares of life's greatest labyrinth, the school of hard knocks. Hungering and hankering for a trail of breadcrumbs to lead us out of this murky forest of fear.

So we scan the horizon as we hope and pray, that somehow, someday or someway... you'd stumble or fumble upon one of our plentiful breadcrumb-lined paths and follow what feeds you all the way (home)

So what are we really trying to say at the end of the day?
Why don't you make a guess/get on your knees and pray!

Everything is fighting first for your attention and then your affection...
Do we as a brand join in the seasonal commotion just to showcase our devotion? 
Will we join in to fight in this fast fashion fray?
We'll just be the better dressed rats at the end of that race, won't you say?

Or can we (silently) set ourselves apart, prayerfully SEEK after what's truly on His heart?

Watering the seeds hidden deep down in every calloused heart, with our parabolic art?
After all "An idea can grow to either destroy or define you"

If you're hungry and crazy enough...
you might just be ready for what we are about to P.R.E.A.C.H:

[P] The sigh of relief knowing you've wasted your time wisely, wondering about our Purposeful Parables
[R] The delight from seeing the world with new light through gracefully grasping our Righteous Riddles
[E] The Soul-stirring satisfaction of successfully interpreting our Edifying Enigmas
[A] The things of earth growing strangely dim, as you see the truth behind our Amazingly-graced Anomalies
[C] The spiritual dopamine boost that comes after solving one of our Christ-Centered Conundrums
[H] A restfulness that resounds within you, as we continue to build bridges between Holiness & Hype
This page of Destiny-altering Decryption was made for you! We're telling all our secrets, one story at a time... that they may cause you to turn to The Revealer of Secrets!

"For blessed are your eyes because they see, and ears because they hear. For truly I tell you, many prophets and righteous men longed to see what you see but did not see it, and to
hear what you hear but did not hear it."

Here is where the trail of breadcrumbs begins.

- - - - - - X